Lance Wallach"  

Managing Director

"Lance Wallach" is a frequent and popular speaker on "retirement plans, financial and estate planning, "reducing health insurance costs, and tax-oriented strategies at accounting and "financial planning conventions. Mr. Wallach has written for numerous publications including the AIPCA Journal of Accountancy, AICPA Planner, Accounting Today, and Employee Benefit News. Mr. Wallach is listed in Who’s Who in Finance and Industry and has been featured on television and radio financial talk shows.
Our team helps clients with the following "tax resolution services":
  • "IRS appeals"
  • "Tax Audit Defense"
  • "Business Tax Audits"
  • "Expert Witness Testimony"
  • "Form 8886 Help", Compliance, and "Listed Transactions"
  • "6707A Help"
  • "Circular 230" Issues
  •  Help for "Material Advisors"
  • "IRS Offer In Compromise"
  • "Unfiled Tax Returns"
  • "419 Plan Help"
  • "412i Plan Help"
  • All Other "IRS Tax Problems"
  • Promotion Advice

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Expert "Tax Resolution Services
The Offices of "Lance Wallach - Nationwide Assistance"
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All you wanted was a nice retirement.
Now all you see in your future is:

IRS Penalties, Fraud, Scams, Fines,

Lawsuits and Audits.

If you are in a 412i retirement plan or a 419 welfare benefit plan and got a letter from the IRS, your financial future may be in serious jeopardy.

Many of these plans were not in compliance with the law and are considered "abusive tax shelters". Some business owners are not even aware that they could be facing huge "IRS penalties" for each year that they have been in such a plan.

You may need to sue to get your money back; you may be the one getting sued. You may need help handling the IRS, or need help keeping the IRS from handling you. Whatever the predicament, we are here to help.




For expert advice regarding:

  • SADI Trust
  • Professional Benefits Trust PBI
  • Sea Nine Veba
  • Bisys
  • The Beta Plan
  • The Millennium Plan
  • Niche
  • The Ridge Plan
  • The Compass Welfare Benefit Plan
  • Section 79 Plans
  • Captive Insurance
  • Other similar 412i retirement plans and 419 welfare benefit plans

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There is no simple answer to how much coverage is enough.

Some financial planners say you need enough insurance to replace five to seven years of your salary. If you have young children or significant debt, you should bump up your coverage so you have enough to replace as much as 10 years of your salary, they say. That would mean a person making $50,000 a year should have anywhere from $250,000 to $500,000 worth of coverage or more.

Remember, the sole purpose of life insurance is to replace your income in case you die, so that your dependents can maintain their current lifestyle.

Factors to consider include whether the surviving partner will have child care expenses if one partner is out of the picture. Do you have other assets on which to draw? Will your children be out of the nest soon? These, and many other factors, influence the decision on how much coverage you need.